About MAsT: Sacramento

MAsT: Sacramento was founded by Master Rick and slave tina (Northwest Master and slave 2007, International Master and slave 2008) to provide support for people living in Master/slave, Dominant/submissive, and other authority exchange relationships in the Sacramento and surrounding areas. The group has thrived since inception in 2007 hosting a monthly discussion and other events.   Leadership of the group rotates among members.  MAsT: Sacramento was directed by Master Rick from 2007 to 2012 and Ms Rhonda 2013 to 2016.  The current Director of MAsT: Sacramento is tomo.

About MAsT: International

MAsT International, Inc. is an organization for adults who live, or are interested in, a Master/slave lifestyle.  MAsT provides education, support, and an opportunity to share ideas and gain knowledge of issues that concern Masters and slaves. MAsT International has grown dramatically from its two founding members in 1988 to over 130 Chapters throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, and South America.   

In 2016, MAsT International became a non-profit corporation served by an Executive Board consisting of Ms Susan as Chief Executive Officer, Master David as Director of Operations, Ms Rhonda as Secretary, and Master Liza as Financial Officer.  These officers and 5 Directors work year round to support the structure, Chapters and expansion of MAsT International. 

MAsT Chapters are supported by the website (MAsT.net), topic information, and a contact database for networking.  Each individual Chapter hosts a monthly discussion meeting; a summary of the meeting is reported to MAsT International via the website, where other chapters can review and benefit from the various topics.  MAsT International has found that this Chapter-based approach enables the support  that is at the core of the organization's goal - to be far-reaching and individualized for each Chapter's needs.

MAsT International's structure includes Regional Representatives who assist the chapters in each region and also host an annual meeting at each of the five regional Master slave Contest feeders.  This provides a space for Chapter leaders and members to share success stories and challenges with each other.  The MAsT International Board of Directors also hosts the Annual General Meeting to report to the Chapters and solicit feedback.

The history of MAsT is rich and gratitude goes to many members of the Leather Community.  MAsT was founded in 1988 in San Francisco by Fred Vaselenak and his slave michel as a support organization for gay men in Master/slave relationships. Bob Fifield and slave joe took over ownership and continued to look for ways to help the members in their relationships.

Master Roger Curtman and slave bill took up the ownership of MAsT and made the concept of local Chapters a wider reality; and MAsT was opened up as a pansexual organization.

In 2000 Master Alex Keppeler received ownership of MAsT and developed policies and guidelines for existing and new Chapters.  In 2004 Master Bert Cutler became the MAsT Liaison Officer to Chapters in Formation and a member of the MAsT Executive Committee. His task was to provide guidance and support to newly developing MAsT Chapters during their formation period.

In February 2007, MAsT International joined Butchmanns Inc, under the umbrella of their 501(c)(3) non-profit status. Master Bert was Butchmann's Liaison Board member.  The Executive Committee included Master Konrahd, Executive Director, slave cat, Director of Operations, and Ms Susan, Deputy Director. In June 2007, Ms Susan became the Director of Operations.

From 2008 to 2015, Executive Committee positions were created as MAsT International grew. In 2015, MAsT petitioned Butchmanns to become its own freestanding corporation and with their blessing, left the Butchmanns family on good terms to become MAsT International, Inc.